Rainbows and Fairies


Quirky boutique clothing retailer Rainbows and Fairies first approached BrainVox for a single Graphic Design job – a request to design patterned fabric for leggings.  The excitement generated by the new designs soon meant that the project – or projects – snowballed.  The original ten patterns have already more than doubled. We’ve now produced twenty original pieces of graphic design, as well as half a dozen variations on them.


And it’s not just the graphic designs that have multiplied – the products have too.   The original plans for leggings have been already joined by bags, by several different styles of boots and shoes, and a range of jewellery!


Having an artist that’s also a graphic designer at BrainVox has been a distinct advantage for Rainbows and Fairies.  They wanted to ensure that every product, every design is unique to them, and Karen’s process for this sort of graphic design project guarantees that.  Instead of using stock images and manipulation for the graphic design, Karen researches each subject thoroughly before producing physical sketches.  Each image is a new original from an award-winning artist.


Once these new and original images are digitised Karen then refines them to produce the print-ready graphic design for the manufacturers.  This can mean rescaling or even deriving a new pattern to suit each article.  So, for instance, the graphic design for the leggings ends up being quite different from that for the bags, and different again from the shoes.


It’s safe to say we love working on this exciting project – unicorns, rollerskates, magpies… we never know what’s coming next.  (Watch out for our popcorn-tastic feature article coming soon!)

Best of all – how many other designers get to say that they work with Rainbows and Fairies?

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