Custom Programming

"If only there was some way our computer could..."

( Everyone, Sometimes )

No Difference

These days most businesses run on core computer systems that are all quite the same. The same word processors, the same spreadsheets, the same presentation packages. Go from company to company, office to office, and you'll see no difference.

And that's great for most tasks in most companies, most of the time - but not for all tasks, in all businesses, all of the time.

Your Difference

Sometimes you need to be a bit different. That's why you have YOUR business instead of working for your competitor. You can see the difference, and so can your customers.

What happens when the way you want to work doesn't fit the way the off-the-shelf software wants to work? When it won't let you make the difference?

That's when you need someone that can help, someone like BrainVox that can provide some custom programming.

The BrainVox Difference

That's where we come in. We'll listen to you and find out what you want that's different.

We're not just a website design company. We've been custom programming - writing software - for companies big and small around the world for years, from sole traders through to internationally reknowned concert halls and theatres.

We're always happy to listen to you then find a solution, whether it's an off-the-shelf package or a bespoke system with custom programming, tailored to your specific needs.

We'll help you work the way YOU want to, not the way your computer wants you to.

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