Email Survey

Email Survey for Family Coast Support

To make sure we can transfer your Family Coast Support emails safely, securely and efficiently we need to know what you use to read and store your email.

Once you’ve added your personal details in the first section, we have two other sections about using email for you to tell us about.

Many people collect and read their email on several devices - a Desktop Computer and their Mobile Telephone, for example. We’ve given you the opportunity to tell us about the 1 or 2 devices you use most often for your Family Coast Support email.

First we’d like to know about the main device you use to read and send Family Coast Support emails. Is it a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or a ‘phone? Does it run Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android? And where is it usually - sitting in the office or with you, on your person?

We also need to know about which email client or package you use to gather, read and send Family Coast Support emails, and if you know how the emails get delivered.

Then we’d like to know all the same about any secondary device you use to read and send Family Coast Support emails.

If there is any answer you don’t know, please use “Unknown” or "Not applicable" as the answer - that will help us more than an incorrect answer.

If you miss an answer it will be highlighted with a red underline.

Please remember - this is only about Family Coast Support emails, not your personal emails.

Lastly, thanks for taking the time to help us - we really appreciate it!

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