One of the appeals of what we do is the chance to help other talented and creative people to better showcase their work. When award-winning artist Lezlie Tilley told us she wanted a website, we immediately saw a way to reinforce her (brand) name by melding it with her own images using animation as the main hook in our website design.

Tilley often uses textual elements directly within her work, or as the foundation for the patterns she uses, so it was fun to subvert those ideas and use the finished artworks to playfully illustrate her brand name.

We carefully chose over 30 of her works representing different periods and styles – effectively a digital survey of the artist. ¬†We then played with scale and selected fragments, matching them with a mask created from the artist’s name.

By so linking the brand name and images we expect to get a bi-directional reinforcement. The viewer sees the images through the name-shaped mask, so they cannot see the artworks without the artist name, nor the artist name without the artworks.

Another purposefully playful aspect is the masking itself. On first sight of the works on the Home Page of the website the viewer is teased. They may catch sight of an image they enjoy or that intrigues them, but it will always be partially masked until they fully engage with the site.

For further impact no other text is used on the Home Page. All menu elements are icons, dispersed and muted, so not to draw attention from the image / branding.

Sadly, popularity and funding in the art market ebbs and flows, and so this project remains beached until the artist’s personal tide rises again.

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