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During the InsideOut Consulting rebranding project in early 2017 the client often had need of documents for immediate use before the templates had been finalised and installed.  There was also a need to convert over 330 slides – in previous Powerpoint styles, from paper sketches, and from photographs – for use, again often before the templates had been finalised and installed.  We were happy to help, taking up the challenge and delivering before deadlines so that there was extra time for checking, revision and practice before they were used.  

We’ve been in business long enough to understand when a little flexibility and extra effort on our part can make all the difference and help a client to succeed.


InsideOut Consulting originally came to BrainVox for a website rescue.  Their website needed updated and new features added.  Also, as part of their overall rebranding exercise, we changed the website design to suit their new visual identity.

BrainVox soon became involved in several more sub-projects.  We updated their logo design and created a new icon / favicon.

We provided several Word templates for their standard business documents.  We created different styles of Powerpoint templates for several presentations.  As part of our business support we also created slides to populate these presentations ready for use, sourcing new images and creating new artwork in-house for hundreds of slides.  We customised their Xero Accounting software with templates to match their other business documents.

We created an online survey that again matched their house style.

We installed email signatures with an ‘uneditable’ logo so that it would always be the correct shape and colour.

We provided new business cards.

When needed in a rush we were happy to help by providing business support – editing documents and providing them ready to use, such as corporate-themed CVs and Project Launch Packs.

We continue to work with InsideOut Consulting – their website is still evolving, and as they grow and succeed we’ll be there to support them.

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