When you decide to create a website you might realise that you need to hand over the website design and graphic design to professionals.  There is another area to consider very carefully where skilled professionals can help you – creating the content for your website and your social media sites, supplying images or copy writing.

Once the website is up and running a lot of website owners feel abandoned, and that their website is only half-complete.  The webpages, the social media sites are set up and ready to use, but they need content to fill them.  Who provides that content?  Who can string the right words together, provide the right images?  Who can make sure that the content looks professional and appropriate?   


There’s little point in having a professional and appealing website if there’s no content for the visitor to read and explore.

And no matter how good the website design looks, if the images are low quality or don’t match the overall style, visitors will notice.  If the text is badly spelled or has incorrect grammar, visitors will notice.

That lack of care, that lack of professionalism is something they’ll associate with you and your company.  That becomes part of your brand image.  The time, effort and money invested in the website can be thrown away by just a few hastily-written sentences or dated, badly-reproduced clip-art on the first page a visitor reads.


Think about search engines too.  While there are a lot of things we can do in the background to help you move your website up the search engine pages, there are better and simpler ways. The best and simplest way to create a high-ranking website is very simple indeed. Have good content!

That means content that is easy-to-read. Content that’s informative. Content that’s on-topic and up-to-date.

What you want that content to become is content that brings customers in because they want to read it. Better still, you want them to pass the links on to their colleagues and friends.

Part of that is the topics you write about, whether they’re interesting anyway. The other part is in the writing – making sure that you target how your audiences read.

That’s right – audiences. You have more than one. There’s the human audience, your current and potential customers. Then there’s the search engines like Google.  You want them to pay attention to your message and push it higher than your competitor’s.  You want them to see that people visit and revisit you and share links to your site.  All that moves you up their lists.


We can work with you to tailor your message to speak not only to your customers but to the search engines too.  We’ll assist and advise you on copy writing as well as social media management.

We’ll help you produce content. We’ll edit, fact-check and proof-read for you. We’ll build lists and rotas of suggested topics, and suggest ways for you to re-use existing assets as new content.

62% of companies outsource their content marketing.

You can also delegate the content management role to us.

We can (with your raw input and guidance) do the copy writing.  We create content for you, writing the story and making sure you have the right images to match it.

We can coordinate it across different platforms, and use paid amplification to increase viewers. And we can manage your responses to your growing community.

It’s time to let us help you.

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