Another benefit of our work is that occasionally we might get to contribute to something worthwhile, something that might make a difference to someone’s life.  We were approached by a facility that helps people with dyslexia and some learning difficulties to retrain their brain, improving skills such as learning, communication, reading and so on.  They needed some help in the form of custom programming by BrainVox.

They had been searching for over a year for someone that could write a very specific program. They needed to emulate a particular mechanical device that they use in the therapy, but so far all the others they’d approached had been unable to help.  They’d tried animations and suchlike, but really what was needed was, yes, some custom programming to actually emulate the system, not just look a bit like it.

Before the initial call (on a Friday afternoon) was over we could already see a way to solve the problems.  By Monday morning we had a working prototype ready to show. More detailed specifications were then supplied, and the system developed over the next few weeks to meet them.

Sadly, although the software side of the project has been proven, in order for the prototype to become fully usable some very specific hardware needs to become available at a price suitable to the client. Until then the project is dormant.

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