John Morris


Award-winning artist John Morris approached us for help when he realised he needed a website rescue.  His website was not responsive (not mobile-ready) and the content was neglected, out of date. He also had no means to add or edit content by himself.  Later, he’d also engage us to produce flyers, social media graphics, a newspaper advertisement, and email newsletters, as well as handle his social media management.

Returning to John’s website rescue, we untangled the knot of misfiled domain names, defunct email addresses and lost passwords to eventually regain control on his behalf of his existing domain name and hosting.

In parallel, also as part of the website rescue,  we took time to explore what John wanted from his website and importantly how it would look, knowing that this would be a showcase for his works.  We also considered how best those could translate into social media graphics, a logo and an icon or favicon.  (At that point we weren’t aware of the possibility he would want us to design and produce flyers or a newspaper advertisement in the near future.)  We presented 3 initial website designs, then worked with him though a couple of iterations to arrive at the final design.

We then waited for final approval and content to arrive.

Working with artists is like observing comets.  For long periods of time they are unapproachably distant.  Then, for a brief period, they return burning brightly, all light and action, before disappearing back into the void for an age.


Months passed before John’s orbit coincided with ours again.  When it did John brought news of an impending deadline, an exhibition he was mounting in a few weeks.  Not only did he need the website populated, but print and online marketing as well.

Over the next couple of weeks we populated the website on his behalf, and derived social media graphics from the website design for Facebook and Twitter.  We created MailChimp templates for email newsletters, and ran several campaigns using those email newsletters publicising the exhibition and specific events within it like the Opening and his Artist’s Talk.

On the physical front we created the newspaper advertisement he used in the Newcastle Herald, and designed the flyers publicising the show.  We also arranged for printing and delivery of the flyers on John’s behalf.


We currently await content and information regarding the next section of the project, a shop section to sell prints and classes through the website, and wonder when again his comet will swoop though our orbit.

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