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One thing you can depend on as a gallery owner – or as any other small business owner for that matter – is that there’s always something else to get done.  So when Leslie Duffin, the award-winning artist and owner of Finite Gallery, needed new marketing materials – two sets of leaflets and a banner – in a hurry she called us at BrainVox to help lighten the load.

She wanted two different designs of DL Trifold Leaflets.  The first was to advertise her gallery in general, and the other was specifically about her ‘Arty Parties’.

She also wanted an eye-catching banner she could use at shows and fairs, but which would also suit the gallery space.

Of course, there was a deadline – a show that was already booked and looming on the horizon.

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

Douglas Adams
The Salmon of Doubt

We’d already helped her with her website, her MailChimp email newsletters, and her social media sites, so we understood her background and house style.  A good ongoing relationship with your client works to both sides’ advantage when time is short.


The immediate use for the banner was a “Kidʼs Expo” to promote Finite Galleryʼs Arty Parties.  The banner needed to be bright and eyecatching to attract potential clients to her stand.

We also had to consider other future uses of the banner. Lastly, we had to ensure the graphics worked with the Finite Gallery logo rather than detract from it.

The two multi-coloured splashes of paint to bring colour and interest to the banner.  This left the bulk of the design are for promoting the gallery name and the activities they offer.


Leslie keeps a terrific photographic record of all artworks and workshops held at the gallery. We were spoiled for choice when it came to finding images to use for both leaflets.

We kept the Finite Gallery leaflet design clean and minimal to echo the gallery style.  Images were kept to a minimum, and those chosen represent a range of whatʼs on offer at the gallery rather than focussing on individual classes.

The Arty Parties leaflet needed to convey a great deal of practical information.  We limited images to the cover and inside third of the leaflet, allowing plenty of space for text. The bright colours that highlight the activity sections provide a link back to the banner.

We delivered both sets of DL leaflets and the banner not only in time for the show, but within the budget too.

We’re always glad to help, Leslie!

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