Audible Smile


Audible Smile: Artist without Art and Technologist with Heart. BrainVox contributed a website design to Audible Smile, as well providing the social media graphics and artwork for music releases.
The website design is echoed on the Audible Smile Bandcamp sub-site so that the visitor can move back and forth between the two as seamlessly as possible.  BrainVox also integrated Bandcamp and Soundcloud music players throughout the main website. Bandcamp is used for hosting and selling finished tracks, and Soundcloud for early mixes and feedback.
There’s lots to explore on the website – or at least there will be, when Audible Smile finish adding their content.
We understand the problem – when you have a set amount of time, do you write about what you’ve done or want to do, or do you get on and actually do it?
The site reflects Audible Smile‘s music; technology-based, but with an analogue warmth rather than a digital coolth.
BrainVox also provided the artwork for all Audible Smile releases so far, as well as a few that haven’t yet seen the light of day.

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