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Finite Gallery is an independent art gallery established in 2013 by the award-winning artist Leslie Duffin, and based in Caves Beach.  We originally joined forces with them to upgrade their website design, but the project soon also included matching social media graphics and email newsletter templates.

At that time the website was a simple WordPress blog using a very plain template.  We followed our normal path of discussing what the gallery wanted in detail, then developed and presented three design alternatives.

Over the following weeks we collaborated on the selected website design with Leslie, adding and refining features.  We did a lot of custom programming to the backend WordPress interface.  This allows the gallery to deal with Artists, Tutors, Artworks and Events as custom post types with their own dedicated interfaces.  What that means is that rather than having to become a WordPress guru, Leslie uses a system that speaks her language, a system suited to galleries.

On the design side we based the site colour palette around the existing logo.  We also designed a new logo.  However, the gallery owner decided to retain the brand recognition of the existing one, although the new logo was adapted for the site favicon.


We also coordinated the social media graphics – in this case, Facebook and Twitter.  The client agreed with the importance of establishing a consistent visual identity, linking the social media graphics to the main website design.  This isn’t simply a matter of strengthening the brand-name recall for viewers – overall it illustrates that there’s a consistent voice, a consistent message, a consistent quality about the brand.


The visual identity was further reinforced by the development of a MailChimp email newsletter template that echoes many of the elements of the website design and again maintains consistency with the rest of the gallery’s communications.  The email newsletter is used for regular monthly bulletins and occasional announcements.

At present we’re working behind the scenes to bring some new features to the website and it’s management interfaces.

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