Karen Tipper


The website design for Karen Tipper is one of BrainVox’s labours of love – literally.  Karen is our resident Graphic Designer (and Social Media Wiz!) as well as a practicing, prize-winning artist.  This meant that she was as involved as it was possible to be in every aspect of the website design, not to mention the icon design and social media graphics.

The Home Page of her site is almost as minimalist as it could be.  Until the menu is summoned from one of the two icons apparent, the only text on screen is her name, demanding the viewer’s attention, sharply crisp and white against the fiery colours of her abstract work, ‘Ignis’.  And it’s ‘Ignis’ that we return to again and again for the icon design and social media graphics.

All other pages feature one of her works as the background, chosen to contrast or compliment the content of the page.

The ‘About‘ page references her love of Turner’s works, and contains a lot of text, so a less-distracting, neutrally-coloured close-up of clouds from one of her seascapes forms the page background.  Her photograph brings drama and colour to the page and balances the text.

The Gallery, in contrast, uses the high contrast of sharp white borders for the works set against the midnight backdrop of ‘Aqua’, another abstract full of deep, dark blues.


With such a dramatic Home Page based on an abstract, the social media graphics became very straightforward.  Where the personal image was a vivid splash of colour against the muted ‘About‘ page, here it seems in sympathy with the sections of ‘Ignis’.


‘Ignis’ again!  This time it’s in the form of a simple abstract icon – a circular section.  No lettering – the image is enough of a statement of identity.

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