Social Media Management

Why bother?

The rise of social media has opened up another channel for marketing. However, this is a channel that isn't one-way like others, it relies on the audience to build and grow. On social media your brand, your image and your reputation are linked to the participation of the audience. One comment, one follow, one share could be the start of your biggest success.

68% of people spend time reading about brands that interest them.

No matter what business you're in - and even if you don't believe you're a business, artists take note! - the right social media management can help you. Yes, it can be used as simple advertising, but with a managed approach it can be much more than that. It can become a lead generator, creating more sales. It can help create a community of fans that help spread the word about your work, your products, or your services like ripples on a pond.

80% of people appreciate learning about a company through custom content.

The Exercise Bike

Often social media get treated like exercise bikes. People buy them with good intentions to use them every day to get fitter and leaner. Then the initial enthusiasm dies down. The bike starts to gather dust and gets pushed out of the way, ignored.

(How many small businesses get told by their setup advisors that they must have a Facebook and Twitter account, so they create them but never use them?)

Or worse, it gets used for something inappropriate, the place where dirty washing gets piled up.

(We've actually seen one business whose Facebook page appears to consist almost entirely of daily reports boasting about how much beer the company owner drank that night.)

The point we're making is that social media management can enhance your business - but only if you choose to use it and maintain it.

Content is King

Having a social media site that's branded correctly won't do much for you by itself. You need to have the content to feed it. Your best asset in getting people's attention is having content that's attention-worthy. Content is King!

Your content needs to be interesting. Your content needs to be something people want to read. Your content needs to be something they want to share.

You also need to be able to respond to customers through the channel. One-way social media is basically advertising, and your readers will soon realise that and sign off.

90% of organisations market with content.

How we can help you

By now you may be wondering - how are you going to produce all this content?

We can help you.

We'll assist and advise you on social media management. We'll help you produce content. We'll edit, fact-check and proof-read for you. We'll build lists and rotas of suggested topics, and suggest ways for you to re-use existing assets as new content.

62% of companies outsource their content marketing.

Or we can take over the social media management role for you.

We can (with your raw input and guidance) create content for you, writing the story and making sure you have the right images to match it.

We can coordinate it across different platforms, and use paid amplification to increase viewers. We can manage your responses to your growing community.

It's time to let us help you.

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