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So you want a website?

We can help you!

And not just with the website design, but with everything else needed to get that website up and running on the internet.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from fresh or whether you want an existing website design updated or upgraded. Either way, we can help guide you through all the choices and decisions you’ll need to make. And we’ll make sure there are no surprises later on – no creeping list of ‘extras’ that need added to get you online. We include everything upfront.

No-one knows your business like you.

The most important decisions depend on something you know better than us – your business. Your knowledge of your customers and your products or services will guide our website design process. We’ll use that to shape the website design, how the website will function, and what the website design will deliver to you and your customers.

After all, no-one knows your business like you.

Not just a pretty face.

Once you’re happy we understand what you want, we’ll typically work up some suggested website designs for you. Then you can choose a main design, and perhaps incorporate some elements from the others.

We’re not just designers, we’re programmers too, so you’re never just stuck with an off-the-shelf website design or functionality like you are with most. If you want or need them, we can add in features or elements specific to your business, to your website.

Once we agree on an initial design we’ll develop it for you.

While we develop it for you you'll be able to see it taking shape on our 'hidden' development server so that you can see what your content looks like before launch and provide us with feedback as early as possible. (After launch, this site can be used for training if you need it, then for testing and any further development.)

But we don’t just stop there!

We go the Extra Mile for you.

We can help you with all the technical choices and chores needed to bring a website design to life on the internet – choosing and registering domain names, linking them to hosting (where the website will ‘live’ on the internet), setup, maintenance and backups, and more.

You might want other features or services that aren't part of the website but are closely associated, such as setting up emails using your domain, or Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) such as MailChimp, or aligning the branding across the website and your chosen social media platforms.

That might sound complicated, but we can take all the administrative and technical burdens from you and provide a complete service. Or, if you already have the skills and capability, we can simply hand the finished code over to you. The choice is always yours!

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