Website Rescue

Who needs Website Rescue?

Unfortunately, lots of people do. And - unless you’re overly curious - since you’re reading this the chances are that you or your company do. BrainVox do Website Rescues for all sorts of reasons...

  • The website stopped working and the original web designer refused to fix it.

  • The original "web designer" didn’t have the skills or experience to complete building the website.

  • The original web designer disappeared.

  • The original web designer was happy to keep charging high prices for simple tasks, but didn’t want the effort or expense of spending hours doing harder development work.

  • The original web designer kept adding on ‘extras’ that should have been included in the original price, like hosting, licences, and maintenance.

  • The original “web designer” handed over an already out-of-date website that broke in the first few weeks when it was updated by the new, completely un-technical owner.

That’s by no means an exhaustive list - that’s just some of our most recent experiences.

So what can we do to help you?

Since each Website Rescue project is different, there’s no single simple process to follow. However, there are some common features that are normally involved.

We’ll immediately try to stabilise the system. We’ll take whatever measures are needed to make sure that the situation doesn’t get any worse, including starting regular backups so that your company data is secured, and changing access security.

We’ll do a thorough health check of your system so that you and we know what problems, if any, exist. Once done, we can highlight which need to be dealt with and what the urgency is. We won't just present you with problems though - we'll bring you solutions weighing the risks, benefits, and costs, and give you recommendations.

Once we know that we have a healthy, stable website - and many often are, or need little done - we’ll move on to our standard Support Contracts. For most websites we offer a choice of 3 packages, but we’re always happy to combine maintenance, support and development where there’s a cost or service benefit for you.

Does YOUR website need rescued?

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